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Analysis of the development status and future trends of LED ceiling lamps

LED lighting is regarded as the pillar industry of the energy saving and environmental protection industry. With the improvement of LED technology and the rapid decline in cost, it is known as the market that will be conquered after LED-home lighting is now slowly penetrated. In the past two years, LED lighting companies that also focused on bulb and tube lamps have now almost all set foot in LED ceiling lamps. It is understood that LED ceiling lamps have become more cost-effective, with high consumer acceptance and good feedback.



According to the completed area of ​​new houses in the next two years, the demand for home lighting will increase by more than 900 billion lumens, and the market demand for LED lamps of about 380 million will be provided for the newly-added residential buildings.


As the main product of home lighting, LED ceiling lamp can be used as the main lamp in the living room, and can also be used in bedrooms, corridors, toilets and other places. Metaphor.


In addition to the stroboscopic problem, it is understood that LED ceiling lights are technically very mature. "Compared with LED downlights, spotlights and other products, the technology and structure of LED ceiling lights are relatively simple." Li Zili, director of Guangdong Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that the structure of LED ceiling lights is very similar to traditional ceiling lights. It is mainly composed of a base, a circuit board, a radiator, an LED light source, and a diffuser. “Usually, the 5730 SMD light source is welded on the lamp panel of the aluminum substrate, and the driving power is placed in the middle.” As the ceiling lamp market technology becomes more mature, the cost performance is constantly improving.


As more and more companies invest in the layout of LED ceiling light products, LED ceiling light solutions will continue to be optimized, styles will also continue to innovate, excellent intelligent control performance, and a greater market share in the future will be just around the corner.


The development status of LED ceiling lamps


With the blooming of LED lighting products, LED ceiling lamps have been popular in channels since last year, especially high-power SMD light sources. For manufacturers, a new market has come. Now it is difficult to find a home lighting brand that does not do LED ceiling lights.


However, with the popularity of LED ceiling lamps, many entrants in the field of LED ceiling lamps, coupled with the gradual maturity of high-power SMD light source technology, fierce market competition has led to a decline in prices and profits. At present, 12WLED ceiling lamps with a wholesale price of more than 30 yuan have been circulated in the market, and the profit may not be higher than that of traditional light source ceiling lamps, but home lighting companies have to do it under the demand of the market and distributors. With the stable quality of LEDs and stable prices, they are becoming more and more acceptable to consumers. Many customers have reported to them that many consumers who buy lights enter the store. The ** sentence is "Do you have LED products here?" "If you get an affirmative answer, you will come in and have a look; otherwise, you will turn around and leave.


It can be seen that LED ceiling lights are indeed very popular. However, in terms of sales volume, the traditional light source ceiling lamps are the mainstream, and they are more like the king. LED ceiling lamps are still a few years before they can catch up or even surpass the traditional ceiling lamps.